About Rondi


Rondi has over 30 years experience in the fitness industry, and is considered a Master Trainer. AFAA Personal Training Certified, Personal Training Level 2, Weight Room Safety, Mat 1 Yoga, Kick Fit, Cardio Kick box, Zone Heart Rate Training, Les Mills Body pump, Zumba Gold are just a few certifications she holds and has also worked in clinical settings with doctors and physical therapist for the past 20 years.

In 2009 she developed a Monthly Weight Loss program called “ Ditch the Diet.. It’s a Lifestyle” which has been a very successful. This program teaches the development of healthy habits, exercises that a person could do in their home or at a gym, along with identifying better nutritional choices. Her Children’s program “Take Charge… it starts at home“ is a four week workshop for parents and children. This program designed to help parents and their children learn lifestyle changes that can be easier to implement and show how fun it can all be! This much needed program will help start to correct the childhood obesity epidemic which has caused many kids to develop adult onset diseases such as hypertension, respiratory conditions, heart disease, orthopedic problems, and Diabetes Type 2. Rondi is presently working with physicians and their patients in the area to make a difference in their lives not only now but in the future.

“Fitfully Beautiful” 90 Day Transformation Program, developed in 2012 combines “Ditch the Diet… it’s a Lifestyle” principles of nutrition, behavior modification, and home taught exercises with a Personal trainer. Inner happiness and goal setting with a Personal Development Coach and Skin and Beauty care with a Licensed Esthetician. This program covers all facets of our lives to help us transform to that Fitfully Beautiful person we’ve always been.

These three programs will be offered in at her club at Rondi’s S.E.L.F. Fitness located in Oswego IL. Her approach in Personal Training is to educate her clients on form, technique and individualize all their exercise programs to meet their needs and goals. Teaching with passion for what she knows and believes in, making it a lifestyle for them too. Rondi also holds seminars in the community at companies, schools, and local hospitals promoting Health and Wellness. This passion for teaching and coaching healthier lifestyles is what she believes in, she passes this on to you so that you may have a lifetime of health.